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ITT Exelis Night Vision and Tactical Communications Systems (NVTCS) is an innovation leader in the global defense, security, and battlefield management sectors. Our reliable solutions for secure voice and data communications, battlefield situational awareness, and night vision systems ensure the success of our customers’ critical missions.

The capabilities provided by Exelis Night Vision and Tactical Communications Systems deliver tactical equipment that meets the advanced needs of Department of Defense, Special Operations and First Responders around the world. Our technologies include Networked and Distributed Tactical Communication Systems, Night Vision Systems, and associated Engineering and Training services.


Communications Integrated Logistics Support

Communications Training

Interference Mitigation Systems

Networked Communications Systems

Night Vision Systems

Smart Weapon Interface

Test and Support Systems

Weapons Suspension and Release Systems


Advanced Fill Device (AFD/A)

AN/AVS 6 Aviator's Night Vision Systems

AN/AVS-9 Aviator's Night Vision Systems

AN/PLM-4 Deployable Electronic Warfare Test System (DEWTS)

AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS)

AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator with Missile Warning System (RSS MWS)

AN/PSQ-20A Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle

AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular Device

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