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      Our Services

SATís Ė System Alliance Technology, brings proven technology problem-solving expertise to its professional service offerings for the public and private sectors. From continuity capability planning and information assurance to cyber security and integrated logistics support, we are able to solve the toughest technical challenges, all under conditions that demand the highest level of reliability, availability, and security.

We tailor our professional services to meet the needs of each enterprise it serves. We have an established track record as a trusted partner in mission continuity for Government Departments particularly in areas of Defense, Law Enforcement, Public Safety & Health and Agricultural Department.

We offer a full suite of services that helps our customers resolve their most challenging business strategy and IT issues through the optimal use of technology.

Our services address specific needs of enterprise IT programs, or communications and Internet technology product development, and also engineering product design and data management.

Our committed experts guarantee you quality work that is highly competent in the market creating a dynamic presence to improve your organization or businesses. We can develop applications that serve your specific needs, modify and enhance your existing systems by including more features that would benefit you.

Our Technical Expertise includes:

- Systems Design Engineering, Installation, Integration and Commisioning
                                    a) Unified Enterprise Communication System
                                    b) Conventional / Digital Trunk Radio Communication System
                                    c) HF Radio Communication Systems
                                    d) Wireless Data Communication Systems
                                    e) Telemetry and Control Systems
                                    f)  Data Communication Network

- IT Integrated Logistic ( C41 System, CONSARM ILM, Asset and Maintenance Management)
- Training & Support