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URC – 200 (V2)

General Dynamics proudly introduces the newest radio in the URC-200 family, the URC-200 (V2). This upgraded radio offers full compatibility with all URC-200 series family accessories and includes the following new benefits:

  • Brighter higher-contrast display improves readability in low light conditions
  • The receiver's AM performance provides clearer and improved voice reception
  • Frequency stability is enhanced to provide ±1 PPM accuracy
  • The 8.33kHz option (ECS-8) provides improved adjacent channel rejection 

The new URC-200 (V2) retains the same form, fit and function as our previous URC-200 series, which have been backed by over two decades of production:

  • Multi-band, multi-mode for flexibility
  • Lightweight, ruggedized
  • Customizable for different applications including manpack, rackmount, vehicular and intercom
  • Remote control access
  • VHF/UHF AM-FM transmissions in the frequency bands used by:
    • Air traffic control operations
    • Tactical line-of-sight communications
    • Maritime (ship-to-shore)
    • Command and control
    • Remote site voice communications
    • Portable disaster/emergency transceiver
    • Land/mobile/airborne/shipboard and fixed site
    • Drug interdiction and federal agency operations
    • All VHF weather frequencies

LOS refers to any “Line-of-Sight” (LOS) radio antenna communications system and covers the entire non-commercial, service and aviation bands of the AM/FM, VHF/UHF spectrum, from 30MHz to 420Mz.

URC-200 (V2) Application Descriptions Typical 10 Watt Aircraft/Shipboard System 
Typical 10 Watt Base Station System 
Typical 10 Watt Mobile System 
Typical 10 Watt Backpack System 
Typical 50 Watt Base Station System 
Typical Repeater/Retransmit System