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CM 300/350

The General Dynamics C4 Systems family of Air Traffic Control (ATC) rack mounted transmitter and receiver systems are specifically designed to meet the dynamic mission requirements of air traffic control centers, commercial airports, military air stations and range installations. The new CM-300 radios are based on the proven CM-200 series radios, of which the FAA has more than 20,000 fielded, and which have demonstrated greater than 400,000 hours fielded Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Featuring General Dynamics’ advanced communications engineering, these radios ensure long-term cost savings, system interoperability and consistent, reliable, long-term performance.

CM-300/350 (V2) Benefits

  • IP-based for network connectivity: VOIP, SNMP management, Ethernet
  • ETSI standard compliance for international deployments
  • Advanced multi-mode capabilities
  • Superior performance in congested co-site environments
  • Built upon the highly reliable CM-Series platform
  • Front panel keypad/display facilitates setup & maintenance

    CM-300/350 UHF Benefits
    • Provides multi-configuration capabilities to accommodate fixed remote requirements
    • Fixed or remote field configurable internal cavity filter with the option of using an external filter or no filter for frequency agility, if desired
    • Remote control, monitoring, and maintenance by means of a Maintenance Data Terminal (MDT) using interface software installed on a standard laptop computer
    • Requires no buffer fan for both 10 and 50 watt applications