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AN / PRC 112G
Available Now via GSA Contract
GSA Order: GS-35F-0060N
Schedule #70 SIN 132-8

The General Dynamics AN/PRC-112G Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) transceiver sends encrypted global positioning (lat/long, UTM or MGRS), two-way messages, and identification, providing essential, quick and accurate location and rescue information for air crews, forward air controllers and personnel operating in hazardous conditions. The single, short burst to CSAR aircraft supports a low probability of detection and interception.

Software Defined. Upgradeable.
The latest in the line of HOOK2 CSAR products, the cost-effective AN/PRC-112G (formerly the GPS-112) is fully upgradeable to add new features as they become available and as missions or requirements change.

Multiple Communications Paths Including Terminal Area Communications And Terminal Area Guidance (TAC/TAG), Providing More Angles to the Survivor.
Based on and backwards compatible with the field proven AN/PRC-112, AN/PRC-112B (HOOK-112) and AN/PRC-112B1, the General Dynamics AN/PRC-112G features DIRECT, line-of-sight (LOS) voice and encrypted two-way data communications between the survivor and the rescue forces with no handoffs required. In addition, the AN/PRC-112G system communicates over-the-horizon (OTH) with the addition of the two-way SATCOM software option. It also combines beacon (including 406 SARSAT), transceiver, transponder and GPS capabilities into a single, handheld radio for military, paramilitary, law enforcement and government agencies. The AN/PRC-112G communicates via LOS to our
Quickdraw2 Interrogator onboard a variety of ground or air rescue vehicles, or OTH to our SATCOM Base Station.

Current software versions for the AN/PRC-112G, AN/PRC-112B1, Quickdraw2 and GPS Program Loader.


  • LOS Voice
  • LOS Encrypted Data Burst
  • GPS
  • DME
  • Over-the-Air Programming
  • Situation Report ogation
  • COBRA (Future)
  • Software defined and capable of adding L-Band GPRS and LPE BFT waveforms
  • Special DAMA (Future)
  • Advanced waveforms (Future)
  • SAASM GPS (Future)
  • FM (Future)